INA-BAN Activity Report on July 2012

Car Free Day – Ban Asbestos Campaign Day 1

July 15th 2012


On last Sunday, July 15th 2012, small team from INA BAN had been done a campaign for the first time in Car free Day Dago, Bandung. This campaign had purpose to give publication for Bandung citizens, about danger behind using the Asbestos.

This campaign been held from 7 to 10 o’clock in the morning. There are 5 man from INA BAN who spred the brochure, stiker, and information about Danger of Asbestos.  For this first time, we are indeed to make as simple as we could. We just held a simple campaign, the purpose are, to see citizens respons about this issues.

Actually the Car Free Day visitors are quite enthusiasm about this movement. They very interest to heard the explanation about the Danger of Asbestos from INA BAN team.  We also spread a lot of brochure about the danger of Asbestos. Only for one hour we already spread 500 brochure, from total 1000 brochure that been spread on that morning.

ban asbestos campaign0

(Our team give the explanation about the Danger of Asbestos to CFD visitors)

After we done this campaign, fortunatelly there are so many Bandung Citizens who doesn’t know about the danger of Abestos. So the citizens become interested for listening the explanation from campaign team abaout the danger of Asbestos dust. And the visitor become more aware about Asbestos, arround their neighbourhood. At least theis strat to detect the asbestos using arround their living and work environment, and ask about how to remove the asbestos. Especially for pregnant mother, and people who had kids, they very concern about the danger who can threaten their self and environment health.

Ms. Neneng, one of visitors, said “oh i just realize if this thing (Asbes), it’s danger, thanks god i didn’t use it at home”. And so with Rahmat, the visitor who take exercise that morning in CFD, “what?!?, in my dorm they use the asbestos in front of the house, what should i do??”. And there so many same respon with that. We try our best to give the explanation about the danger, and how to remove the asbestos, and so their environment can free from asbestos dust.


Asbestos Hazard Alert campaign conducted last Sunday began a campaign programs from INA BAN to Bandung citizens about the dangers of asbestos, for approximately three months in advance. So at first, this CFD campaign will be held every two weeks once alternately in CFD Dago and Buah Batu. However, because starting next week will face Indonesia will face fasting month, then this campaign will be in pending first. Will be resumed in early september, after Lebaran, Idul Fitri. INA BAN rate ineffective to conduct a campaign in the month of Ramadhan (fasting month in arabic calendar), because most of the people in Bandung are Muslims, and perform fasting in the month of Ramadan. So the outside activities, or besides religious activities in these month of somewhat less interest.

One more thing that is very important, this campaign activities got a positive response, from one of the local media were pretty dominating in Bandung, Pikiran Rakyat. On that Sunday morning, we had started discussing the forms of Asbestos Danger Campaign, that will be full support by Pikiran Rakyat. Especially Asbestos Hazard Alert Campaign, which would still be held on Car Free day Dago, in this September.


Evaluations :

  • Needs a better coordinations with CFD organizer, so next time this campaign can be more effective, and eficiences
  • Needs to make attractive activity to get people interest. Because on CFD there are so many campaign activity from many issues. We need a better communications strategy to deliver the massage about the Danger of Asbestos


(Our team Giving the Explanation About the Poison inside Asbestos)


Besides on this CFD campaign, INA BAN also managed one strikes to Canadian Embassy on July 18th 2012. We want to deliver a protest letter from Indonesian citizens about Quebec government’s $58 million subsidy to save the bankrupt Jeffrey asbestos mine. We also made some protest poster, banner, and press release about this strike. But unfortunatelly oh the strikes day, we’ve been chase away by the police, and embassy security. They said we cannot doing a strike on embassy front yard. So we just can deliver our protest Canada ambassador. We also cannot take a photo in there, some photo that we can manage to take had been deleted by embassy security. What a pity ofcourse, but we plan to manage strikes again to canada embassy, after this fasting month.


Because what happen in canada embassy, spontaneusly we managed another strikes to Governoor Palace, Gedung Sate, in Bandung. Gedung Sate, is a Governoor of West Java and Center of Goverment in west java. Gedung Sate is also had rule as city hall of Bandung. Many people are gather arround there. And many strikes in bandung, also held there too. So in July 20th, one day before fasting month begin, we do one strikes to gedung sate, we bring the Dangerous Asbestos Issues, Stop Asbestos using, and shame on Canada goverment who export their asbestos to other country issues.


Also with this report i will attach some photo and strikes media that we used in this week.

ban asbestos campaign01

(Dimu and Darisman take photo in HI Circle, the most Iconic Land mark in Jakarta)

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