OSH Workshop Indonesia Network – 2012

Activity Report : OSH Workshop Indonesia Network November 6-7, 2012 Atlantic Hotel – Salemba, Jakarta –  Indonesia   Background Generally, the OSH condition  in Indonesia has not improved significantly. It seems with the high accident cases that occur each year, which averaged nearly more than 90,000 cases of occupational injuries with workers who died more … Read moreOSH Workshop Indonesia Network – 2012

OSH Programs in Indonesia – 2012

OSH Programs in Indonesia   This writing is my personal reflection of OSH training and its follow ups in Indonesia. The first training in which I involved was in early 2006. The training was the basic OSH training involving some unions. There were some “controversies” coming up from participants in that first training. Some undermined OSH issues as they were considered as … Read moreOSH Programs in Indonesia – 2012